The Hunter Recruitment Projects was established to create new hunters through active recruitment of new people, retention of new and existing hunters, and reactivation of those who have hunted in the past. This project — a movement, we hope — was starting in Southwest Georgia after meeting many talented and successful adults who wanted to get into hunting but didn’t know how. The HRP is designed to answer all the questions that come up in an experience-based weekend. We hunt and learn together. 

Recruitment, Retention, Reactivation

The R3 Model,  which stands for recruitment, retention, and reactivation, seeks to create new participants or increase participation rates of current or lapsed outdoor recreationists. 

As stewards of the outdoor world that we love, we must continue to introduce people into the outdoors the correct way. Raising a new class of hunters each year with the proper information and education is imperative to our mission. 

How to get involved.

In just our second year as a foundation. we are surprised at the outpouring of support and interest we’ve received. To that end, we are currently are only accepting new hunters through a nomination from a previous HRP new hunter.

If you are interested in helping mentor, please email us at hunterrecruitmentproject@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Instagram- Hunter Recruitment Project.


Our Mission is to create new hunters through extensive education. Each weekend we host, we hope to create a
fully-capable hunter


The Hunter Recruitment Project is a nation-wide 501c3 focused on training and developing individuals to be successful in their hunting endeavors